Joy Jackson has been working as a professional spiritual teacher, channeler, dream analyst, psychic medium, intuitive guide, and a holistic fitness coach in the Pacific Northwest since 2006.

Since her early childhood, Joy has felt a profound connection with spirit and with higher realms of existence, an affinity that has only continued to deepen over her lifetime. After working for many years in finance and in the holistic health and wellness industry, Joy was drawn to change her life path and her career, using her innate and acquired skills as a lightworker and a holistic fitness coach, in order to support others in harmonizing their mind, body and spirit for a better quality of life. 

Today Joy is sought after by a diverse group of clients from all walks of life and from around the world for her intuitive empathic readings, spiritual guidance and wisdom in the holistic health field. Her professional endeavors, scholarly research, and spiritual practice are rooted in Law of One philosophy, and she is recognized for her work and expertise in soul ascension mastery and natural living.




Book a Dream Work Session with Joy here , or schedule a Psychic Reading with Joy here!

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